Make your barbecues an unforgettable experience with our premium vegetable charcoal.


We are a company with over 40 years of experience in selecting, purchasing, and importing the highest quality vegetable charcoal. Based in Havana, Cuba, at Basa Carbón Vegetal, we offer excellent quality Marabú charcoal.

Marabú Vegetable Charcoal for Sale

At Basa Carbón Vegetal, we specialize in the sale of Marabú vegetable charcoal, a unique product in its quality and characteristics. Our Marabú charcoal is sustainably sourced, guaranteeing superior performance for your grills and barbecues. We offer a natural, additive-free product that provides exceptional flavor and aroma to your food.

Discover the authentic flavor with our Marabú charcoal today.

Characteristics of Marabú Charcoal

Our Marabú charcoal stands out for its high density and carbon content, allowing for longer burn time and consistent temperature during the combustion process. Additionally, its low smoke emission makes it an ideal choice for a healthier and cleaner barbecue experience.

Properties of Marabú Charcoal

Marabú charcoal exhibits unique properties that make it highly desirable. Its high calorific value, low ash content, and quick ignition make it a preferred choice for grill and barbecue enthusiasts. Get superior quality charcoal with Basa Carbón Vegetal.

Our Products

At Basa Carbón Vegetal, we offer a wide range of Marabú vegetable charcoal products to meet all your needs. From standard bags to special sizes for events, we have the right option for every occasion. Enjoy the finest quality Marabú vegetable charcoal with our products.


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