Properties of Basa Carbón Vegetal

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Properties of Basa Carbón Vegetal

Basa Carbón Vegetal is widely recognized for its excellent combustion properties and the delicious flavor it imparts to grilled foods. In addition to its pleasant aroma, this charcoal produces long-lasting embers, ensuring an exceptional barbecue experience.


At Basa Vegetable Charcoal, we take pride in offering Basa Carbón Vegetal made from high-quality hardwood sourced from Cuba and presented in cylindrical canutillo format. This product is ideal for both the hospitality industry and individuals seeking maximum performance in their grilling. Our company offers different packaging formats, including 3kg, 5kg, and 15kg sacks, to cater to your needs.

Technical Characteristics of Our Marabú Charcoal

  • Shape: Presented in cylindrical shape (canutillo).
  • Ash Content: Ash content around 5.2%, ensuring efficient combustion and easy cleaning.
  • Moisture: Moisture of 4.1%, dry to the touch, allowing for quick and effective ignition.
  • Calorific Value: With a calorific value of approximately 725 Kcal/kg, our Marabú charcoal provides high heat for perfect cooking.
  • Fixed Carbon: Fixed carbon content of 75.7%, ensuring prolonged combustion and a consistent temperature during the barbecue process.
  • Granulometry: Canutillo size of 20mm and above, for stable and uniform embers.
  • Premium Quality: Free from dirt and any other material that may affect ignition, with a uniform and unburned black color.
  • Safety: Does not spark or explode when ignited, providing a safe and reliable experience.

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