Basa Carbón Vegetal Products

Choose the best Marabú charcoal for your barbecues and enjoy an exceptional culinary experience. Buy now

At Basa Vegetable Charcoal, we take pride in offering the finest, premium-grade vegetable charcoal made from high-quality Marabú. Our products are designed to provide you with an exceptional experience for your barbecues and grills.

3 kg bags


Convenient and practical, our 3 kg bags are ideal for small home barbecues and intimate gatherings.

10 kg bags


With our 10 kg bags, you'll be prepared for family cookouts and events with friends. Perfect for a great barbecue feast..

15 kg bags


Our 15 kg bags are perfect for restaurants, catering services, and commercial events that require large quantities of quality Marabú charcoal.

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Variety of Basa Carbón Vegetal Products

We offer a wide range of Basa Carbón Vegetal products, ensuring that you find the right option for your needs and preferences. All our products are made to the same high standard of quality and provide the exceptional properties of Marabú charcoal.


At Basa Vegetable Charcoal, we sell our products in bags of different sizes to cater to your requirements. You can find them in 3 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg formats, giving you the flexibility to choose the right quantity for your events, family cookouts, or commercial needs.


Regardless of the bag size you choose, we guarantee that each of our Basa Carbón Vegetal products has been carefully selected and processed to deliver superior quality. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large-scale event, our Marabú charcoal will provide long-lasting embers, intense heat, and delicious flavor for your grilled food.

Elevate your cookouts with the superior quality of our Marabú charcoal. 

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