Properties of Basa Carbón Vegetal

At Basa Vegetable Charcoal, we take pride in offering Basa Carbón Vegetal with exceptional properties. This product has been carefully selected and processed to provide you with a unique and high-quality barbecue experience.

Key Properties of Our Marabú Charcoal

  • High Calorific Value: Our Marabú charcoal is known for its high calorific value, ensuring intense and consistent heat for perfect grilling of your food.
  • Spark-Free: Unlike other types of charcoal, our Marabú charcoal does not produce sparks during combustion, providing a safe and risk-free experience.
  • Long-lasting: Thanks to its density and composition, our Marabú charcoal has a prolonged duration compared to other types of charcoals, allowing you to enjoy a longer barbecue without constantly replenishing the charcoal.
  • Low Ash: Marabú charcoal generates a minimal amount of ash, making it easy to clean and preventing airflow obstruction in your grill.
  • Low Moisture: Our Marabú charcoal is dry to the touch, facilitating quick and efficient ignition, saving you time and effort.
  • Free of Impurities: We ensure that our Marabú charcoal is free from dirt, dust, and any other foreign matter that may affect its quality or the ignition process.
  • Maximum Density: The density of our Marabú charcoal is optimal, allowing for even combustion and a constant temperature throughout the cooking process.
  • Natural Flavor and Aroma Enhancer: Marabú charcoal adds a delicious smoky flavor and aroma to your food, enhancing its taste and offering a unique culinary experience.
  • Special Size: We offer special size options for the hospitality sector, grill enthusiasts, and other commercial uses that require a larger quantity of charcoal to meet demand.
  • Fully Natural and Eco-Friendly: Our Marabú charcoal is 100% natural and eco-friendly, obtained sustainably and with respect for the environment.

Enjoy the superior flavor and exceptional properties of our Marabú charcoal. 

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